Apr 07 2008

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Just a brief note to say our wedding rocked. No, it didn’t just rock; it was the single most amazing experience of my life. My husband (dreamy sigh) is awesome. He bought me a recurve bow as a wedding gift and in exchange found himself the owner of a spiffy new protective camera bag. The bow is a significant gift and a story in of itself. I will return soon and explain why, but just a little later.

I can’t wait to share pictures and thoughts over the next few days. My best friend, Yana, and my newer friend, Annie, proved to be the greatest attendants a girl could ask for — they kept me focused, offered support whenever I fell down and went boom, and rode drag on all the little details I overlooked and forgot. If there were major problems with anything, I never knew. I haven’t the slightest idea who to thank for that, except everyone involved in making our wedding such a magical day.

My new mom-in-law was super. We tore a seam in my dress when we put it on and between her and Yana, I was never allowed to be concerned (riiiight). Gail had to cinch me into the dress and it seems from my last fitting in February to Saturday, I lost more weight, enough so that the laces were touching and Gail swore she could overlap the back. The tattered seam disappeared, never to be heard from again. Neither Gail nor Yana would take any guff from me. About-to-be-married women should be seen and not heard.

Annie saved me, though. She let me peek into the mirror when everyone else was out on errands.

The look on my father’s face (more than once) is branded into memory. He walked a few paces behind me as I made my way to Jon and he kept my dress straight for me. On the deck where we spoke our vows, Rev. Christine asked if he was going to kiss me. It took a few seconds to catch his attention, but again, the look on his face was priceless. When I looked back at Rev. Christine, she was teary-eyed too. She told me later, after the ceremony, that she saw the look in his eyes and it was one of the most touching moments she’d ever witnessed.

I have a picture of moms-with-cameras and Barbie, except for the slight list of her head and the oxygen tubes, doesn’t look like a woman who’s suffered from Cancer for 20+ years, or a woman who spent 9 days in the hospital just prior to her train trip out here. She had to sleep a lot (mostly because she wouldn’t get to bed at a decent hour!) but she made it through the ceremony and most of the dinner before we finally tucked her into bed for the night.

There’s just too much to tell inside one post and I intend to lay low to nurse the aching bod back to health over the next few days. Right now, I can’t turn my head left or right and my husband keeps hovering and trying to convince me to get to bed early tonight.

To be continued …

(d’oh, Jon beat me to it)

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