May 01 2008


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Well, I’m up for air (and a little catching up). I didn’t complete NaPoWriMo (write a poem a day for the month of April, which is National Poetry Month). However, I did end up with 23 and 1/2 poems, and considering I started on the 11th of April, that’s pretty darn good. I also have a smattering of poems that just refused to take an ending and once I figure those out, I’ll have even more fodder to model and re-mold. Plus, I’m quite pleased at the results of blind, unthinking writing. I should do it more often and worry about the perfect placement of every word later, much later — you know, like AFTER I’ve had some fun.

On Tuesday, I got to spend the day in Roanoke with Susan. Wow, I had so much fun and — for it being her birthday lunch from me — I made out like a bandit, making off with several treasures: one of Susan’s pillow babies (she’s PURPLE!), the second volume of Inu-yasha (manga? graphic novel?) from her hubby, 3 painted wooden fish, a handmade bracelet of Tech colored beads, a little etched/painted gourd, and an armload of mint-condition journals.

Susan and her hubby are lush, colorful characters full of stories just begging to be chronicled, but there are boundaries that I feel shouldn’t be crossed because they’re private individuals. I think I can get away with an observation or two, though, and say never have I met two beautifully matched people, both with a youthful effervescence and that boundless energy one associates with those pre-teen years just before the onslaught of teenage angst. They are both yin and yang, both kids-at-heart, and I was blown away by the suffusion of creativity throughout the whole of their home. And the collections those two have? HOO-EE! They’re just to die for. :)

The visit gave me the opportunity to discover even more layers to Susan, which I enjoyed immensely, so much so, that more than once I lost track of the time. In her, I found something kindred. Not only can I share an enthusiasm for art, but also someone here — on the east coast — can relate when I speak of struggle or what it’s like for my life to have suddenly turned “normal” (I mean, really, what is normal?).

OK, OK, I could easily go on for another hour, but I’m losing my ability to complete thoughts and use the right words. It’s definitely bedtime!

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  1. Susanon 02 May 2008 at 9:44 am

    You and I did have fun. Thanks for such a sweet description of the day.

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