Jun 27 2008

Switching to the squeaky-clean blog

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Having been without internet access here at home from Saturday evening (June 21) until late this Wednesday afternoon put a real crimp in the scheduled blog move. I haven’t had time to fill in some of the planned content (or work on setting up an online shop). I guess the lesson in this is to either have a back up internet provider (which I am seriously considering, especially if Jon switches us over to Vonage) or don’t work straight from (or rely completely on) web-based applications.

I’ll redirect this blog address to the new one as of July 1. I’d prefer people bookmark everwild.net for future use, only because the whole basis for these changes has been to simplify. However, if you have the current address bookmarked and don’t change it, you should still get to where you need to go.

WordPress isn’t the greatest CMS, but I can’t seem to find any programs that fall between WordPress and the very complicated looking Joomla. There’s just too much monkeying under the hood, which is why there are simpler ways to accomplish things — such as etsy and blogger. Of course, I’m open to evolution and may very well spend some time tinkering in the background with Joomla or looking for that perfect application.

It’s also my intent that the new blog should have a more professional feel and be less personal in nature. I’m pretty sure most people don’t care much for my inner workings, and the handful that do usually call, write, or actually spend time with me. They’re the ones who can listen to me rail against The Man, because they’re the ones who lub me lots. Yes, it might be difficult to stay off my soap box here and avoid ranting at the Evil Empires; it’s in my nature to pluck heads from the sand and make folks look at the real world. After all, I’m one of those evil nasty critters that believes Fahrenheit 451 wasn’t so much a work of fiction as it was a prediction.

Before I run off to buy new #11 craft blades, I do want to mention that more than 60 people peeked in on me on June 18th. That’s record traffic for 1 day at Everwild (whoa!), the highest before that being (I think) 47. Blog stats still kinda creep me out. Well, not the stats themselves, more the knowing that people are out there — not just happening by — but, also seeking me out. There’s that cautious (okayokay, paranoid) voice in the back of my head that wonders if any former inmates out there still yearn to make good on those not-very-often-but-still-ever-present threats to kill, rape, or otherwise maim me. Hiding less and less behind an anonymous online presence intensifies that sense of vulnerability. Invisibility was a good, useful tool; it had its place, but it was also very singular in nature.

So, I’m happy for the extra visits, and I’ll strive to make this place less about me and more for you. I hope everyone is having a lovely day. If not, and you don’t feel like putting on a happy face, you know where to find me. You don’t have to pretend.

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