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May 24 2008

Pictures don’t do justice for this creepy little thing …

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The idea of Goth turned into the idea of gargoyles which then turned into the idea of sacrifice. But then, at some point during the assembly, my husband (I just thrill to call him that!) said something and suddenly this project wasn’t about sacrificial offerings so much as it was the escaping of said sacrifice. […]

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Mar 15 2008

Arts & Crafts Opportunities: Blacksburg, VA

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For those of you interested in handmade jewelry (and other accessories), I’m posting the following information: The YMCA at Virginia Tech is sponsoring a one day jewelry and accessory show on Saturday, April 26 at University Mall in Blacksburg, Virginia. The event will be called “Bling in the Spring” and will feature jewelry and accessories […]

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Mar 13 2008

The greatest storage evah!

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I found these cupboard/armoires via a great steampunk link from Susan and I’ve been gawking at them daily ever since. They are just too cool. I can imagine one in the kitchen, the living room, maybe even the bedroom and laundry room.

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Mar 08 2008

The Draw to Steampunk (assemblage art)

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If you’ve an eye for steampunk check out missmonstermel’s skulls on flikr. I found the original link about her skulls through boingboing, but her gloves, paintings, steampatch, and boot covers are pretty snazzy, too.

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Mar 06 2008

Test Driving Fimo

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Bunny heads abound: They’ve turned out much better than I anticipated, this being the first time I’ve tried using Fimo for an actual clay project. Susan warned me about how different its properties are compared to Sculpey (III and Premo). Fimo definitely conditions slower and almost to the point where I wasn’t sure if it’d […]

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