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Apr 25 2008

Happy Birthday Shout-out

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A great big happy birthday to Susan, who is, ummm, I believe … 29 and 1/2 today. :P Many warm blessings, dearness!

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Apr 02 2007

Traveling Breeces

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I get to visit Lone Pine this June to spend time with Laurel and Yana (YAY all three of us together in the same state for more than 10 minutes!), visit old haunts, see my family, and maybe even ride Sierra one more time. I haven’t been “home” in almost 9 years. We stopped in […]

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Apr 01 2007


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For my friends, Yana and Laurel, who really need to be more geek. ;) We drank root beer all night, sprawled like shipwrecked sailors hoarding a last cask of rum. Unladylike, draped over couches, recliners, and a dusty, overstuffed chair, we laughed ourselves purple recalling the past – Duran Duran, the trampling waves of Punk […]

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Mar 24 2007

Prayers, Thoughts, and Awareness

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A friend (and my spiritual mentor) recently learned that his sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Having lost one family member and also being friends with a breast cancer survivor, I have experienced both triumph and loss. I can relate to the emotions tied to this diagnosis and I want to be a supportive […]

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