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Jun 17 2008

Spring Cleaning

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The new blog seems to be working out well enough that this is now the second to last post for this blog. When it’s up and fully functional, it will be found at If you use that particular url right now, you’ll find yourself here until I add the redirect. Beyond a couple new […]

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Mar 24 2008

New skin and lots of work in the coming days

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Getting a whole new look here at Everwild, mainly because my last template was too old to support WP widgets, and I like widgets. The look of this may change again if the template I want actually starts working with the upcoming WordPress update. We shall see.

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Apr 30 2006

New Dropdown Lists Added

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I added dropdown lists for Archives and Categories which helps the left menu look a lot less cluttered. I thought having people register to post comments would help control spam. Mmm, no. I ended up having to install Akismet to control the freak spammer bots that leave trackback links. So far 105 have been captured […]

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Apr 25 2006

Everwild has Moved!

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Well, I finally did it. I’ve moved Everwild from to It’s a big step; no more training wheels, but I’m learning fast. I have tons of room now. :P I also have tons of freedom to break things and REALLY muck them up! If anyone finds a broken email or link, please let […]

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