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Mar 30 2008

It’s the Final Wedding Crunch

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.. and so enters Zombie Breece. People keep asking me how I stay so calm. Even my stylist commented on my composure. I promised her an MMFO (Massive Multiple Freak Out) next Saturday right before the wedding. It’s simple, though — right now, I just don’t have the focus or the energy. I managed to […]

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Mar 24 2008

New skin and lots of work in the coming days

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Getting a whole new look here at Everwild, mainly because my last template was too old to support WP widgets, and I like widgets. The look of this may change again if the template I want actually starts working with the upcoming WordPress update. We shall see.

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Mar 19 2008

Saying farewell to our old friend, Otter

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The champion sleep-hound of all times sleeps forever this day. I light a candle in his honor and grieve his passing, knowing without doubt he is worthy of a thousand tears.

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Mar 17 2008

Running with the big dogs …

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I am at once awed and spooked by Boston Dynamics’ quadruped robot, BigDog. If one looks past the fact that it sounds like a thousand steroid-popping hornets and walks — for the most part — like two drunken college students, one sees the unlimited possibilities of technology such as this. I find BigDog’s ability to […]

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Mar 15 2008

Arts & Crafts Opportunities: Blacksburg, VA

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For those of you interested in handmade jewelry (and other accessories), I’m posting the following information: The YMCA at Virginia Tech is sponsoring a one day jewelry and accessory show on Saturday, April 26 at University Mall in Blacksburg, Virginia. The event will be called “Bling in the Spring” and will feature jewelry and accessories […]

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